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About Kitty Grass:

Organic Wheat Grass and Barley grass is Purr-fect for cats that live indoors. Kitties crave grass and now you can grow your own easily all year round.  Your kitty will never go without tender, fresh blades of grass even in the dead of winter.  Try it.  It's so easy to grow that you will wish you learned about it years ago.

Why is kitty grass a cat magnet?  Honestly, just like many of you, we do not know all the scientific reasons why kitties are attracted to, and love to eat, tender green grass blades. We just know that most of them do!


Cute Video - Guaranteed to "Make you Smile"

Perhaps the best thing to do is enjoy two excited kitties munching on a small pot of grass in order to fully understand the kitty grass attraction.

We found an awesome YouTube Video while searching the Internet and would like to share it with you. Watch these two very excited kitties enjoying kitty grass. We think it will make you smile.

What makes our kitty grass so exceptional?  It easily grow indoors all-year-round and any one can grow it.  It can be enjoyed by kitty when the blades are the most tender. Growing your own organic kitty grass is cheaper than purchasing ready-grown pet store grass that lasts just a few days before your kitty is no longer interested in it.  Plus, growing your own kitty grass is a fun and rewarding experience. Your kitty will love you even more than he/she does now.

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Now you can grow your own kitty grass from our seeds. It's easy, exciting and fun for the entire family.


No Matter Where You Live, No Matter What Time of the Year... Your precious feline can have fresh, green and tender blades of grass any time of the year.

Try Growing Your Own Today! You won't be sorry!

Whether you live in the deserts of Arizona or the frozen tundra of Alaska, you can grow your own kitty grass any time of the year with our easy to grow organic Kitty Grass Kits.  Or better yet, just purchase the seeds and use your own containers.

We encourage you to grow your own fresh barley grass or wheatgrass.  It helps prevent kitty from eating your houseplants some of which may be poisonous.

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