• Is it easy to grow Kitty Grass seeds?
    Yes! Anyone can grow fresh tender grass for their kitty. It grows indoors in pots. Our seeds are guaranteed to grow or you get your money back in 30-days. It is risk free. Return instructions come in your package.
  • How often should I replant seeds for my kitty?
    The seeds mature in about 10 days.  Because it matures at such a fast rate, we recommend that you always have a container ready to go.  We recommend that you start a fresh container every week.  That way when the first container has matured, turned yellow and begins to die another fresh container is ready for your kitty to enjoy. 
  • What cat foods do you recommend?
    A. We recommend Life's Abundance Dry Cat Food, Grain Free Cat Food and Instinctive Choice Wet Food.  More information can be found at https://Cat-Food-Store
  • What cat vitamins and supplements do you recommend?
    There We recommend the vitamin supplement found at https://lifesabundance.com/citycats  (A new window will open.)

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