Quality of Products

It all started with quality of products and customer service.

Quality of products have always been important to us. We are concerned about our health and well-being and we carry that same concern to the health of our cats, dogs and all the other ranch animals.

We also know what it's like to have bad customer service, that's why we offer the best customer service that we possibly can.

We realize the benefits of organic foods to humans and want our cats, as well as your cats, to have the same benefits.

In order to meet that quality, we made sure that products listed on our site are safe, organic and free of pesticides.

You can be assured that our grass seeds are fresh, safe and clean. In fact, they are so safe, that if you wanted to blend the grasses in your nutrition drink it would be okay. Our most popular seeds for juicing are wheat and barley.


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Meet Bud

Bud Beierle with Kitty GrassBud belongs to my sister Connie in Las Vegas.  Bud has an interesting "protective" personality and doesn't much care for visitors. 

I call Bud "Little Shredder"  because my feet met her claws on the way from my sister's guest room to her living room. 

(My sister now provides all visitors with a squirt gun -- LMAO!)

Bud is about 20 years old now but we wanted to let you know that she was the inspiration for many of our products! 

Years ago, my sister grew a small patch of wheatgrass on her deck for Bud because she wanted Bud to enjoy fresh grass just like outdoor kitties.

We thought it was an awesome idea and knew that indoor kitties all over the USA might enjoy a little fresh grass too. -- Bev Storer


If you are looking for a healthy cat food with no artificial flavors, colors or added chemicals, please check out Life's Abundance.  Our cats have been eating this food for over 10 years.

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Benny's Joke

No Naps Around Here!

Here is what I love to do:

First, I like to wait until my master Bill lays down for a nap on the sofa. 

I wait just enough time for him to fall asleep and just as he dozes off, I jump on him.  Then I fall asleep on his chest while he lies there wide awake.

Finally when Bill dozes off again, I jump off just to clean myself nearby.  I love to do that!  It makes me feel good!